For Insurance Intermediaries and Providers

Consumer-focused products available to personal lines insurers and intermediaries haven’t really evolved in over a decade.

Sure, there are the mainstays like family legal expenses, motor legal expenses, breakdown cover and home emergency cover, and then there are more “fringe” type add-ons like garden, tyre and wheel and key cover.

Where are the products and services that address real-world, ever-growing and high-impact problems – like cyber crime against individuals and families?

With more than twice the number of families being affected by a cyber incident this year than made a home insurance claim, our products add value at the outset.

Insured and non-insured products

Our range of cyberSOS® family cyber emergency products can suit your insurance business, whatever the circumstances.

Filling the gap left by everyone else

And don’t forget, by default, almost all home insurance wordings exclude any cover for events arising from malware or other cyber incident, so there’s a clear gap to fill for your clients and customers.

There’s also no reason why our products should be confined to home insurance customers either – because our cyberSOS® range automatically includes family members, providing them alongside other major purchases like motor insurance makes a lot of sense too.


For low-cost options you can embed into existing policy wordings, we have a variety of pre-packaged (or bespoke, depending on volume) non-insurance services that you can easily incorporate into your current offering as a valuable renewal retention or new business acquisition tool.

Please don’t equate low-cost with low-value though.

Even our non-insured products can offer our unique device replacement guarantee, for example.

Be seen and heard in a saturated market by offering something new – something that affects your customers every day of the week.


Alternatively, offer your customers the option of buying one of our products when quoting or completing their main insurance purchase.

That way, you raise the profile of the product and, potentially, its value.

Whether you opt for a non-insurance service or for our cyberSOS:protect insured product, your customers will have the reassurance that emergency help is only a phone call away.


There is a third option.

You could, for example, embed one of our lower-cost service offerings into your wording, and then offer a more comprehensive product as an up-sell – either on new business purchase/renewal or by way of a follow-up or courtesy call mid-term.

By doing so, you can offset the cost of embedding a product by earning higher commissions on the up-sell.

Not only could that negate the up-front cost, you could make the end-to-end transaction revenue positive. Enhanced new business appeal and customer retention could further add to the benefit of this approach.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer your organisation, please contact us.