Pro-active cybersecurity assistance for micro-SMEs

Do you have micro-SME clients who don’t know where to start with their business cybersecurity?

Do they know they should be doing something to make their business more resilient to attack, but don’t know what?

Have they even got a quote for commercial cyber insurance but were put off by the price?*

Now, for the first time, there’s a service they can turn to – ACTIVCYBER®.
*ACTIVCYBER® is not designed to replace or remove the need for appropriate commercial cyber insurance, but it could help businesses to qualify for cover in the first place or even reduce premiums.

Helping businesses to prepare...

Small businesses with up to 10 staff can very often feel like they have little option to improve their resilience to cyber attacks.

Enterprises of that size don’t generally have the budget for someone on the payroll dedicated to networks, systems, data and, therefore, cybersecurity.

And yet, individually and collectively, these small businesses hold vast amounts of confidential corporate and customer information that is extremely attractive to hackers.

In 2022, the ONS found that 38% of micro- and small businesses had identified a cyber attack on their systems.

We know that business owners want to do more, but we also know how baffling and expensive it can be.

That’s why we designed a solution, exclusively for micro-SMEs in the UK that:

  • Offers an appropriate, one-to-one, practical cyber resilience programme
  • Offers a pathway to the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme that will help improve resilience even further and could reduce commercial cyber insurance premiums
  • At your client’s option (and at industry-set additional cost) can also help your client to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation for their business

... and to recover

Despite the best preparation, cyber attacks can still successfully get through.

Recently-updated or new software can often be the source of new, unthought of vulnerabilities.

And then there’s the human angle – your client and their colleagues can’t be expected to be vigilant all the time and social engineering attacks can be so sophisticated that the occasional slip-up has to be expected.

So that’s why, included with our ACTIVCYBER® micro-SME cyber assistance service there is:

  • A dedicated 24/7, UK-based business cyber emergency response helpline staffed by NCSC-accredited and ISO-certified experts
  • A Commercial Cyber Legal Helpline
AND, as an extra benefit:

  • The business owner can also use that same emergency helpline for themselves and their immediate family living with them for any personal cyber incident too

Designed to be embedded in your existing client-facing proposition, with competitive pricing to match, please contact us to find out more.