Cyber Emergency Services for your Clients, Customers and Members

Whether your business supplies services to professions or professional groups, employers or to consumer membership, affinity or loyalty schemes, our range of family cyber emergency services offers a fantastic, relevant, low-cost, high-value addition to reward loyalty or help attract new members.

With over 70% of us being targeted by scams in the last 12 months, we are that trusted expert on-hand 24/7 for your clients and customers to turn to when they need help the most.

Our added helpline and counselling services can also help your clients keep their members at work or help them return to work quicker should they or their family become a victim of cyber crime at home.

For professions and professional groups

If your main focus is the provision of valuable services to professionals, professional groups or trade or industry associations, then it’s likely your clients will be concerned with the health and wellbeing of their members.

With each of us seeing, on average, 3 cyber scams a week through SMS or other messaging apps, being caught out by cyber criminals is becoming more common.

Speed and support

With our 24/7 cyber emergency service supporting them, we can help members understand and respond appropriately to a scam, cyber attack or other hack. That response can include:

  • who they should contact first on discovering a cyber incident
  • what they need to say and how to say it
  • how to prevent any further damage or loss
  • how to recover online accounts, personal data and the devices they were on

These are just the practical elements we can help with.

Very often the first part of most of our calls is spent helping the victim come to terms with what has happened, reassuring them that they are not alone and comforting them that we are there to help and guide them through.

Without our help attacks can take an average of 3 days to recover online accounts and devices fully.

With us by their side, your clients’ members recover that much quicker both emotionally and practically.

Consumer, affinity and loyalty schemes

Competition among consumer-based schemes is fierce. At the same time, innovation in the sector has been slow in terms of the products and services those customers have been offered.

Covid lockdowns in 2020-2021 taught many of us for the first time:

  • how to shop, do our banking, pay bills and have the groceries delivered online, and
  • with more people working from home than ever, what good online security looks like

At the same time, cyber criminals understood exactly what was happening and had already moved into the online space that lots of us were about to start exploring for the first time. So those 2 years with lockdowns saw a 40% spike in hacks and cyber crimes against individuals and families.

A new awareness

In turn, what that has done ever since is to bring awareness to so many of us that were previously unaware (and would have remained unaware had it not been for Covid) of just how easy it is to click on the wrong link, respond to the wrong ad and how difficult it is to remain vigilant against cyber criminals all the time.

With so many people concerned about their online safety and where the next scam is going to hit them from, our range of family cyber emergency services is a timely, targeted and great value way to enhance your customer offering.

Support and education

While the headline-grabbing element of what we do is always our 24/7 emergency service, we can also be there for your clients and customers before a cyber incident happens.

83% of adults in the UK want to become more vigilant at spotting scams, and with our Cyber Made Easy consumer portal, they can do just that.

We write our own authoritative, targeted content in a totally jargon-free and relatable way – designed specifically for those who want to take their own online security that one step further.

There you will also find curated software, tools and downloads from global, blue-chip cyber security brands such as Norton, Bitdefender and McAfee – many of which are available on special offer or are free-to-try (or even free!).

Our consumer site also hosts our Vivo-trained AI chat assistant Erica – for members only – who can help customers with non-cyber emergency issues like “How do I upgrade my iPhone?” or “How do I switch ‘Do not Disturb’ on and off on my Samsung A3 phone?”. Erica’s great at knowing the answers and always delivers them in a plain English instantly understandable way.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer your organisation, please contact us.